So near and yet so different.  I’d been wanting to visit Marrakesh for years, and finally went this spring.  It was all I’d hoped for and more – a feast for the senses, exciting, friendly, beautiful, warm (hot actually, despite it being early spring and very frosty back in England)… and so other-worldly.

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Book a Riad over the internet, find a cheap flight and go – just for a long weekend.

Take a lightly packed case – you’ll need the space for bringing home your leather purchases!


Marrakesh – Majorelle Gardens

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The Majorelle gardens are not to be missed – a 12 acre botanical garden designed in the 1920s – 30s by the French artist Jacques Majorelle.  The fact that it was designed by an artist rather than a botanist is reflected in the clear structure, use of striking architctual plants (including an amazing collection of cacti) and bold colour… the characteristic blue is set off so well by the bright oranges and vivid reds of the nasturtums (even in February) is now known as ‘Majorelle Blue’.

The garden has been open to the public since 1947, and was sold to Yves St Lauren in 1980.  His ashes are scattered in the garden and there is a beautiful memorial for him there.