emmasouthlondon is a collection of thoughts and pictures about life, my garden and interests –

in South London.

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Although I work full time, my passion is nearer home.

I enjoy cooking, making things for the house and up-cycling items found in skips, from freecycle and passed on from others who no longer need them.  I don’t like clutter, but I love to give a new lease of life to something that can then be enjoyed, look beautiful and be used usefully.

I’m a SENCO in a primary school –  interested in people and what makes them tick, supportive of the underdog.

I have two wonderful children, who I am so proud of.

I’m a single mother, which I’m not so proud of, but sometimes things just don’t go as you planned.    I hope that one day I’ll be able now sadly realise that I will probably never be able to have meaningful conversations with the father of my children – share thinking, worries and joy about them, as the family – albeit broken – that we will always be.  They have grown into strong individuals now, and I truly trust that they have learnt from what they have lived, and will make the right choices in life.

I have not eaten wheat or dairy for the last four years, and, for me it’s been wonderful in clearing up asthma and eczema.  You’ll find lots of wheat and dairy free recipes here, as well as ‘normal’ ones.  I record recipes that I consder to be good enough to pass on to a friend.

I love to be outside, see the sky, hear the birds, take time to watch.

This blog is a collection of thoughts, and recipes that I’ve found worth keeping – my mother wrote all her ‘keepers’ down for me in a notebook – a main aim for this blog is to be that ‘notebook’ for my girls!

Thank you for visiting – I appreciate all feedback, so please do leave a note of your thoughts – looking forward to visiting your blogs too!



39 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Emma, Just stopping by to say hi.

    You should be proud to be a single parent. You alone are raising your children, and to the best of your ability. That’s a something to be proud of!! I hope that one day we double parents can really believe this. Hold your high!!!

  2. Love what you’re about here – I’m totally with you on the recycling and home growing! Clearly, though, I am not as expert a gardener as you. I started tentatively growing my own last year- really enjoyed the wonder of watching vegetables grow from seeds and my children were fascinated too! Will start over again with a little more oomphf this season. Look forward to exploring your blog xx (I’m Emma too) xx

  3. First off, I want to say THANK YOU, for following my blog and stopping by.
    I can’t wait to read what you post. And you are correct, sometimes things don’t go as we plan, but we just need to go with it and be happy with what we have 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your nomination –
      very much appreciated!
      I’ll have to get thinking of responses to your questions now –
      when I have a free moment or two…
      … it may be a while!
      Emma x.

  4. Hi Emma! What a wonderful blog! So many good recipes and I liked your garden principles. Maybe I will start a small garden on my patio this spring…I have always enjoyed gardening as well, but not much room in an apartment for that. Food for thought …
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Thanks again for visiting! 🙂

  5. Hi Emma. I love your blog! I’m so happy you found me. We certainly have much in common. I look forward to following your blog and getting to know you better. I’m on my way to read more of your posts! 🙂

  6. Lovely to meet you Emma, thanks so much for visiting my summerhouse. You have a lovely blog here and a wonderful life philosophy. I hope that you will keep in touch – all blessings to you – Sherri 🙂

    • Erda,
      I do so treasure my garden – seeing nature through the seasons, noticing the growth and cycles of the plants and animals who visit or live there… I hope you have a local park? And perhaps a window box or some herbs in the kitchen?
      The sky is also so beatuiful, wherever you are!
      Best wishes to you, and thanks for stopping by –
      Emma x

    • Arl,
      What a wonderful surprise.
      Thank you hugely, that means so much.
      Although I still feel like quite a newbie to Blogging, what I love about it is that I’ve got to know (in a way) some really amazing people from all over the world, who I feel inspired by, and learn from…
      and I guess that is what these awards are all about,
      so THANK YOU again!
      Emma x.

  7. You are very welcome for the award. It has been a pleasure to know you and follow your blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts and chatting. 🙂

  8. Hi Emma, many thanks for your comments on my blog – unfortunately I did not have a reply button to respond to you directly. So here I am, saying hello and looking through your blog. It’s lovely, you share some of the same likes as me, and I look forward to seeing and hearing more about London, I used to live there myself. 🙂

  9. Hi Emma – could we be neighbours as I live in SW2/SW16? I love your ethos – what a great role model you are for your children. I, too have brought up my son single handed. I remember feeling mortified about it for years but now it seems so normal…look forward to more of your posts!

  10. Hi Emma, what a lovely website you have! And such lovely thinking too – definitely a fan of your ethos and way of life. I’m definitely a recycler… but desperately sad I don’t have a garden in which to grow things!

    Thanks for such a nice message on my website, it was really kind of you. And lovely to see you today! Do you mind if I use it as a comment please? (Also I couldn’t see how to email you on this otherwise would have emailed you directly 🙂 )

    Have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by today, Alice xxx

    • Alice, it was great to meet you – I’ve been a fan of Dario’s art since first seeing it last year – look forward to following yours in a different media too! I love the Dulwich area of South London as well, and know it’s going to be a wonderful source of inspiration and studies for you. Good luck and enjoy your Open House Weekends! Ex.

  11. I agree with The Double Parent…you should be proud of doing parenthood alone. But I do know what you mean as I am a single mum, though they’ve left home now, and I know how hard it can be. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Wishing you happiness 🙂

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