(Almost) Wordless Wednesday ± 2

Malvern Sky August 14

Landscape & Sky – Malvern. Aug 14.

‘In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west;

people create distinctions out of their own minds

and then believe them to be true.’

The Buddha

Rain Tomorrow.  Malvern Aug 14.

Rain later. Malvern Aug 14.

‘Don’t let one cloud obliterate the whole sky’  Anais Nin.

Turning sky - Gloucstershire weather!  Malvern 14.

Turning Sky – English weather! Malvern 14.

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24 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday ± 2

  1. I remember the Malvern Hills from many many years ago. We were visiting friends , but the wind up there was so strong. You could just about lean back into the wind and not fall back 🙂
    Stunning photos showing the many moods . Thanks for sharing.
    Alexa from Sydney, Australia

  2. You have chosen the quotes so well to match each photo. I particularly like the first – I had never thought about the sky like that before.

  3. I just was thinking about you and hope you are doing okay. These are such pretty photos, and I love the quote about not letting 1 cloud obliterate the whole sky.

    • Thanks so much, Shari –
      difficult sometimes, but important to keep things in context!
      So good to hear from you. I’ve been snowed under with work for a few months now, and haven’t done much else – hope to emerge from the desk in a few weeks…
      Meantime, best wishes to you, and thanks again for your message – Emma x.

    • Dear Shari – it’s so kind of you to write… I’m afraid I was totally buried under an avalanche of work for the last few months – not good at all.
      Best wishes as always to you.
      Emma x

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