Half Term ‘Time’ in the garden.

How Does Your Garden Grow *5.

In London, it’s been disappointingly wet for a May Half Term, as everyone seems to be saying.

Last week, the sun shone and the air seemed warmer.

     As I sat in my office at school, glued to the computer for too many hours each day.

Now, the sun has taken a break along with the schools.

Lady's mantle in Spring rain.  May 14.

Lady’s mantle in Spring rain. May 14.

But the Half Term holiday gives precious time nonetheless.

Instead of the bright sunshine that May promises,

raindrops line the edge of leaves and glisten like jewels caught on petals and fringing stems.

Crystal encrusted Alium.  May 14.

Crystal encrusted Alium. May 14.

Dripping from the end of my nose as I pot up seedlings in muddy compost.

Wondering at the amazement of those little pink earthworms who, unaided and in under a year,

have transformed kitchen waste, scrap paper and random discarded garments into a mass of beautiful rich, crumbly compost.

Our pond seems to have turned into a fantastically successful blanket weed incubation centre.  (‘Long String Algae’ in US.)

Despite bales of barley straw, this wretched weed demands regular harvesting and discarding.

Luckily, the worms on the compost heap seem to appreciate it.

As I was clearing, I found myself face to face with this little fellow,

   poised on a lily pad and boldly watching me – as I watched him – throughout the dredging process…

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“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”
― Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard’s Egg

* * *

“Is the spring coming?”  He said.  “What is it like?”…

“It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…”

– Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden.

Alium in the Spring rain.

Alium in the Spring rain.

Washed and dried, now I’m off to see what’s going on with Annie’s How Does Your Garden Grow project.  Take a look at http://mammasaurus.co.uk or follow the pink blossom link on the right hand side bar for wonderful blogs and inspiring pictures.

Silent thoughts on a cold Spring day

Time for thoughts on a cold Spring day

‘Time’ is precious, even if it’s a grey or rainy day.

What do you do when you have ‘time’?


30 thoughts on “Half Term ‘Time’ in the garden.

  1. Yes London has been dreary! You might like my last post which I did on my walk through Richmond park. You took some stunning pics and fab last one under the tree! So you have a wormeru too?

  2. How beautiful, love the picture of the alium. Yes, I did hear that London is dreary for the moment, but worry not, I’m sure things will clear up soon. Isn’t compost the best? That rich, earthy, dark, rich earth even smells great! Great post!

  3. I wasn’t able to access “How does your garden grow” – the link did not work. How do I get to it? I’d like to check it out. Thanks.

      • Thanks Emma, however it does not work….as a matter of fact, it is blank, but it does have the caption underneath it, that’s how I knew. I’ve tried again this morning, but nothing pops up when I click on it. I’ve even tried copying and pasting, but to no avail.

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful, Emma! I love your quotes, too. They go so perfectly with the photos. I haven’t tried composting yet, but I would like to. Your compost looks very rich and full of nutrients.

    • Thank you, Shari – do try composting – there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain, and those wonderful worms will be so keen to help you out, it’s almost rude not to give it a go! Emma x.

  5. awww such a cute little froggy!… we had glorious sunshine bank holiday and then its rained ever since :/ but i do agree that it still makes the garden look beautiful 😀 #HDYGG

  6. I love the quotes – especially the Margaret Atwood one. I’ve not seen a frog ‘in the flesh’ for ages, was he like the Foreman of the dreading operation?
    Many thanks for joining in again! x

    • He most certainly was… sitting proudly on that lily pad while hundreds of tadpoles swam underneath. I was quite amazed that he stayed there for so long… maybe it was his half term too, so time to wait and watch!

  7. He’s cute! I do love the rain. It certainly does give TIME at half term. We are actually relaxing and not panicking about making the most of the sun. Just spending time together at home has been precious.

  8. Lovely words and pretty pictures. Yes it has been a little disappointing to have such a lot of rain after the nice weather. We often get frogs in the garden although we have no pond, they must be visiting for lunch since we have so many slugs and snails.

  9. Oh Emma, what a delightful post! I love how you bring out the joys of spring despite the gloomy half-term weather. We had a pond in the states and I miss it, and how wonderful to have your sweet little frog, beautiful photos!
    I love the Margaret Attwood quote – so perfect – and the quote from The Secret Garden. Also how wonderful to have that compost 🙂 It’s so satisfying isn’t it knowing that every thing has a purpose, a role, even the worms who are so vital to all gardens.
    I feel as if I’ve just taken a walk through your lovely, London garden with you, in the spring rain, and I feel so refreshed. Time to put the kettle on now and pour myself a cuppa, thank you so much for this 😀

  10. When I have time, I garden, When I don;t have time I still garden and it is other things that fall off the bottom of my To Do List. And today I got very muddy weeding the strawberries but I also harvested out first ones. Yum yum yum!!

  11. So impressed with your frog picture, I haven’t been able to catch a good shot of the ones in our pond as they always see/hear me coming. I also agree that compost is astounding. Mine’s never been broken up so quickly so you must have some super efficent worms loving it in there.

  12. Gorgeous quotes here. You’ve inspired me – I have some time to myself right now, and I’m sitting at the keyboard while the sun’s shining outside. Time to get outdoors, methinks! Love the picture of the frog, by the way.

  13. Your frog is lovely, and probably enjoying the wet weather no end. We’ve been getting some plants into the damp ground over half term. Then checking on them regularly to try to save them from the slugs that seem to be eating everything at the moment.

  14. Pingback: 56. How Does Your Garden Grow? — Mammasaurus

  15. I miss having frogs in the garden, although I used to find myself talking to them – we had one that lived in an old washing up bowl and it dipped down every time the cat came near 😀

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