A Riot… of Tulips!

‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’ 2:

4.14 Tulips white

Visiting the Royal Horticultural Gardens at Wisley every Easter and Summer holiday has become a mother and daughter tradition for me…

4.14 Tulips Pink ripple dwarf

A shot in the arm for us both.  A perfect excuse to snatch and share some ‘quality time’.

4.14 Tulips pink over bench

Having been inspired by Annie’s stunning post over at http://mammasaurus.co.uk last week, I was planning to head for the monster greenhouse, to admire the orchid display.

4.14 Tulips red & yellow soft petals

But we got diverted by an absolute riot of tulips – over 1600 planted in a huge, unself-conscious mass.

Celebrating the totally wondrous variety of colour and form.

So bold and simple.  Unlike anything I have seen at Wisley before.

4.14 Tulips Purple

So my ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?‘ post this week is not exactly about my garden, but about one that I feel, in a way, is part of my inheritance…

4.14 Tulips red & white loud stripe

The joy of visiting with my mother and being inspired.

4.14 Tulips pink open

The entertainment of discovering temporary displays such as this one, and the security of re-visiting the fruit trees and checking that I’ve got the pruning in hand at home!

4.14 Tulips yellow & crisp red

So I’ll enjoy the orchids over at Mammasaurus, from the comfort of my own living room –

and savour the memory of those cheeky, bashful, outrageous tulips making such an exhibition of themselves!

4.14 Tulips black soldiers in front of gravel

Click on the ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’  pink flower in the right hand side-bar to follow the link to other HDYGG? posts.

4.14 Tulips pink & strong white strong ones

* * *

34 thoughts on “A Riot… of Tulips!

  1. I can’t believe I missed all the tulips at Wisley – I do need to go back! This is just the riot of colour that I needed this morning, it’s another grey and foggy morning here – thanks for joining in and bringing the colour!

    • Yes, you SO must go back!
      I think this weekend will be their last – especially after all that rain 😦
      it will be a carpet of coloured faded grandeur rather than beds of happy tulips!
      Emma x.

  2. What a beautiful array of tulips, I just love all the colours. Simply stunning! xx

  3. Oh how fabulous, Wisley is awesome. I used to live in South London funnily enough and now live 10 minutes drive from Wisley. I was there with Annie and it was ace, so many photo opportunities. Love it. Can’t believe we missed the tulips!!!

    • Yes, you really must go back – but quickly, as they will be over very soon, with all this rain we’ve been having.
      But I’m not surprised you missed the tulips – as you say, there are so many amazing photo opportunities and things to see at Wisley – has to be worth a return visit soon… The Summer Holiday is coming up, if not before! Emma 🙂

  4. I love Tulips! i think its because the different range of colours you can get them in. #HDYGG

  5. I love tulips – and you’ve captured such a stunning array of them so beautifully. How lovely that you shared it with your mother too. My 6 year old daughter had us all joining in a draw a bunch of tulips competition at the kitchen table last night. Looking at her felt-tipped version made me want to plant lots more in many different colours for next year.

  6. Looking at all these tulips made my heart happy! What a wonderful tradition you and your daughter have. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

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  8. Your photographs are absolutely beautiful! And that sounds like a beautiful family tradition too! 😀

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