Rampant Ladybirds in the Rhubarb!

How Does Your Garden Grow? 1.

Easter Holiday this week – so I’ve been planting French bean, pea and marigold seeds, potting on the courgettes, cosmos, chard, sweet peas & pansies, and generally having quality time in my favourite place.

The wildlife have been busy too…

I wonder what next year’s Ladybirds will look like!?


I have also joined up with Annie at Mammasaurus and  her ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?‘ project.

Annie’s blog is inspirational and beautiful – food for the eye and the mind.

I’m looking forward to a virtual weekly meeting with the other participants in HDYGG and following what is going on in their gardens… humbly, having compared my photographic skills with those on the other blogs… but bottom of the pile is a good place to start, as the only way is up!!

Click on the pink How Does Your Garden Grow image in the right sidebar of my blog to see Annie and the other HDYGG bloggers –

or follow this link:  http://mammasaurus.co.uk/49-how-does-your-garden-grow/

Rainy Easter Day.


Apple Espaliers – 4 years old this Easter!

Snatching a little time to potter is so precious.  I found some bags of clean sand being offered on Freecycle, so took the opportunity and did one of  the garden’s most satisfying and most dreaded jobs – renewing the grass edging with a cleanly cut sandy trench.




A satisfying job, because it does make the grass look so smart.

Dreaded, because it always leaves me aching all over – must be a wonderful workout!

I love the principles behind Freecycle – that one person’s waste will be of use to another… I also picked up some Victorian Rope Edging tiles this week, but they’ll be used for a project that is yet to be conceived!

Who needs the gym when they’ve got a spade and Freecycle?!

Here’s an illustration of how my garden grows this week –

What has been happening in your garden this week?

And do you use Freecycle?

29 thoughts on “Rampant Ladybirds in the Rhubarb!

  1. What a beautiful garden – so serene! I am incredibly jealous – I’ll be living in flats for the foreseeable future which suits me for the most part, but every once in a while I have a little fantasy about what my garden will be like… one day!

    • Thanks for visiting, Claire –
      I think that planning is half the fun of gardening 🙂
      I hope there are lots of lovely parks and public gardens nearby to keep you inspired while you’re waiting!

  2. Lots of lovely things going on your garden. And a rhubarb forest!! Freecycle is brilliant, I offered up a mountain of pebbles on there, they ended up being used to create a provencial garden 🙂

    • Hi Gemma,
      That’s one of the wonderful things about Freecycle –
      what someone else turns your unwanted items into!
      On the other side, I collected an old pine table, and have restored it and made it into a fab vegetable store, with a slatted wooden rack with baskets underneath.
      Emma 🙂

  3. Wow, what a beautiful looking garden. No need to be humble in any regard. I have a new gooseberry bush that my step dad gave me and I’m really hoping it bears fruit as it’s from a cutting he made. And I’m determined to grow courgettes this year without them being destroyed by snails and slugs as I have a greenhouse.

    • How lovely –
      I most enjoy the plants that have been given as little cuttings, or dead looking seeds… my garden is largely made up of them!
      I hope that your gooseberry bush thrives and produces lots of tasty berries…
      Good luck – I wonder what you’ll make – gooseberries are so versitile and delicious!
      Emma x.

  4. I don’t think your photos are bottom of the pile at all! You look as if you have a gorgeous garden and yes I used to love freecycle at my old house, mostly to get rid of things! lol Mich x

  5. Beautiful Garden Hunnie!! I think i have Garden Envy hehe… I have used Freecycle in the past, mainly for outdoor childrens toys..Great way of getting rid what you dont want for something you do and who can complain when its free 🙂 #HDYGG

  6. What a gorgeous garden. It looks so well loved. I love freecycle, but I have given up on the website because there was too much messing about and time wasters. So now I go to the swap shop every month and have gotten and given some total treasures.

  7. Your garden is so nice! I’m a big freecycle user of late, not only great for discovering great gems but a really nice way to declutter things you no longer need.
    Thank you for joining in and your awfully kind words, I might be blushing, ok I am. Mind you that might just be the ladybird action going on there!

  8. Wow what a job with the sand, but so satisfying when it’s done. I love freecycle too, we’ve had so many amazing finds. I’m getting a bit picky these days so gumtree is my friend when I have a few pennies to spare.

    Are they goosberries appearing? Your rhubarb looks beautiful.

    • Hi Jenni –
      Yes, Gumtree is great too – I like the fact that it is easier to stay local than with ebay or similar… It’s amazing what you can find!
      Yes, they are gooseberries… looking forward to them!
      Thanks for your visit –
      Emma 🙂

  9. Oh I am so glad I found your blog Emma, it is beautiful.
    I use freecycle but in reverse as we had to downsize from a big house and garden to a tiny bungalow when my husband could no longer manage the stairs. We would have liked a bigger bungalow but went for the position rather than the actual property as I wanted to stay in my area. We have a beautiful park with a stream in front of us then a wood and beyond that is a view of the Cotswold Hills so I would never want to give that up.
    Consequently most of my household stuff went to Freecycle. It is wonderful to know that it can be reused and in some cases can make a wonderful difference to people’s lives.
    Social Services came and took beds and bedding and curtains to give to a family of genuine refugees with children who had been sleeping on a hard floor since they arrived! Now they have soft pillows and duvets on good mattresses and beds., That makes me very happy to use Freecycle.
    My last garden was my joy but now we have inherited what is euphemistically called an ‘easy maintenance’ garden. This should read ‘barren and covered in gravel! However over the 5 years we have been here I have planted lots of trees, and filled pots and containers with flowers and developed a vergetable patch and a herb garden. My daughter made me bird houses and we put bird feeders all over the place.
    So it is looking a lot greener and we get lots of different birds in the garden so things are looking up.

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