Local Jewels on a Winter’s Day: Herne Hill Farmer’s Market.

P1000271Last Sunday was warm(ish) and sunny (for February!)


Boz and I took the opportunity to walk down to the Herne Hill Farmer’s Market.

It’s a half hour walk each way, if walking at approaching  jogging pace, which we love to do.

Everyone seemed to be out, enjoying the gift of such a beautiful sunny Sunday in February.

The vast green expanse of Brockwell park was filled with different people doing their thing – joggers looking red, hot and worried (why did they all look so worried?  Those watches they glance at with a rhymetic regularity that matches their pace, seem to contribute to the stress…)  Children with brightly coloured wellies and scooters (but no sense of direction), parents pushing swaddled babies in pushchairs, couples perfecting the ability to walk in unison, arms tightly entwined around each other.  A great view of London basking in Spring rays from the top of the hill.


Herne Hill Market was its usual frenzy of excitement and eccentrics, enthusiastically engaging their urban admirers about the origins and authenticity of their products as they so reliably do.

The apples and pears are always worth the walk in themselves – a burst of flavour and texture that is way beyond anything that the ‘super’markets can offer… Worth paying more than you could get away with, for a bag of non picture-perfect fruits – duller, rougher skinned and less uniformly shaped than usual.  But for all of that, far more perfect.  Crisp, juicy, ripe and so full of flavour that you can almost totally taste the goodness, the lack of air miles, refrigeration and  polish.

The last picture had to be sprouts – my fav!

Note the 6-Nations cup cakes too – these enterprising entrepreneurs don’t want to miss a trick (!)

And here’s the magician / comedian / musician giving a free performance on the ‘street piano’,  a very welcome growing trend in London –


What better way to combine the green ethics of ‘upcycling’ with an increasing awareness in the importance of celebrating social spaces and local communities than by individuals donating their unwanted pianos to their community.  (The bucket was a ‘drum’ that he was encouraging a spectator to use to add to the musical splendour – not for collecting coins, and the piano, as the photo shows, was well covered in art…)

Finally, to make the absolute most of the welcome rays on that first weekend of February,                       someone had laid out deck chairs and fake grass, to create a ‘beach’.


If nothing else, it proves what a great imagination we Londoner’s have 🙂


8 thoughts on “Local Jewels on a Winter’s Day: Herne Hill Farmer’s Market.

  1. Hi Emma and wow – where did you get that sunshine from? It certainly made for a perfect day at the market. I love our French markets but there is also something very special about a good British Farmer’s market … and the one at Herne Hill really does look good. As for street theatre, that is something that I say that the Brits do far better than the French … or at least do in a form I can understand. French stuff is just WEIRD …. although I did see something once that involved a lot of old clothes so at least there is a bit of upcycling involved even if I had no idea what they were doing! Did you buy a 6 Nations cake?

    • Hi Rosie,
      Well, I love French markets – grass is always greener..!
      I know what you mean about street theatre –
      sometimes it is simply a matter of enjoying the spectacle,
      rather than understanding it…
      I didn’t buy a 6 Nation’s cake as we’d just made an apple crumble slice with the last of the windfalls. Couldn’t resist a bag of sprouts and punnet of pears, though. 🙂

  2. I just went there at the weekend as I was staying with my sister. It was lovely, the park and the market but we just arrived as it was starting to pack up. Perhaps a good thing I may have spent too much. It was the most glorious sunny day too. Always puts a smile on people’s faces. Then I stumbled across your blog entry 🙂

  3. Loved this post – I’ve just included it in a roundup of London farmers’ markets for a new Thursday link party called #OurLondon – would love you to come and join in with your London posts!

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