New feathers, New thoughts…


Ava, one of our lovely girls, had an out of season full moult mid January.

The sight of her, wandering sadly around in the cold biting winds, with no down or feathers to keep her warm, was awful.

She was much quieter than usual, and slow to come out of her house in the morning.

So it’s wonderful that she’s now a busy, happy hen again – with a fluffy new white coat… Here she is, in all her newly feathered glory – about to dig a deep nest, as she so loves to do, which she and Clemmy spent most of Saturday sitting in, giving the occasional contented cluck…  Those feathers won’t stay white for long, but it’s so lovely to see her tossing the bark chippings around again, like a pre-occupied old lady on a mission!

I haven’t posted for just over 6 months –

Somewhat struck, all that time ago, when a someone I look upon as a good friend said that although we hadn’t been in touch for a while, it was ok – he knew how I was by reading my blog… I was put off blogging for a while… Work then got very busy, time went by, I turned around twice, and here we are… February 2014!

The blogs I enjoy are those that are written straight from the heart – as though the author was having a 1:1 conversation with me – a glimpse into their personal thoughts on a particular topic, whatever it may be, and into the range of topics that matter to them personally…  But reading someone’s blog is, of course, a very narrow vista into their life – an interesting peep into a file, but without knowing what else the file contains, or the complexity (or otherwise!) of circumstances for the author at the time of writing… Without knowing how big the filing cabinet is and what the titles – or content – of the other files may be…

I’ve missed making that quiet time, once in a while, to read blogs that I enjoy, discover new ones, learn, ponder different perspectives – share thoughts with people, wherever they may be in the world.

In reading their blogs, even those that I ‘follow’, I realise that I don’t know that person – a point that was clearly proved when, last month, I met someone whose blog I have been following – their blog is a glimpse through tinted spectacles, a crack in the wall that surrounds the writer, keeping all but their most intimate friends from knowing the true person.

So, having learnt a little more about a good friend and different views on what constitutes keeping in touch(!), I’m looking forward to sharing more thoughts in 2014, and hope that you’ll share yours in response, as you have done in the past – either through private message, or leaving a note on the blog… 🙂


One thought on “New feathers, New thoughts…

  1. Welcome back to the world of blogging! I always feel a bit weird when I find that someone who knows me “in real life” reads my blog. Don’t know why. It’s funny isn’t it, the boundaries we need around ourselves. x

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