2013 Already…!

It’s been a busy five months at home – a building project followed by huge amounts of refurbishment, with the end now in sight… when wearing fairly strong glasses.

Some years ago, my daughter gave me a card simply printed with a quote by Winston Churchill – ‘If you’re going through hell, keep going’.  It helped keep me going this spring, summer and into the autumn.

I’ve learnt more about plans, plastering, plumbing and Poles than I think should be necessary for a lady of my age to know.

I’ve had my patience, perseverance and pocket stretched to beyond breaking point, and found out that once you’ve got that far, the only answer is to bounce back.

Time to think of another quote, from Eleanor Roosevelt – ‘With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts’.  

I’m looking forward to this year – pleased to have the destruction, dust, and difficulties of last year in the past – a springboard to jump into the future from.

It’s a beautiful snowy day here in London – the snow began a couple of days ago, and has been falling fairly thickly all day.  Here’s a picture of our latest upcycling success – a fab garden ornament.

It’s a curtain pole that is no longer needed, and I think looks very elegant in the flower bed – even with a thick covering of snow!  Roll on those months – I’m looking forward to seeing verbena and sweet peas stretching up to and beyond it’s height in the summer!

A wonderful addition to the house is a log burner in the kitchen – I’d so recommend this to anyone, and can particularly vouch for Dennis, our trusty installer who stepped in and made good, then finished excellently after being let down by another builder – one of those whose ability is outstripped by his imagination, and whose gift of the gab exceeds knowledge and practicalities… I hope you don’t know what I mean!

My tip for cleaning wood burning stoves is simple, but took me a while to work out – when the glass gets really dirty, it’s probably because the air flow isn’t quite right, so play around with that – it’s very satisfying when you finally get the hang of it… and to clean it, just use slightly damp, scrunched up newspaper – if you need a little abrasion, dip it slightly in ash first – sparkling!