Everyday beauty on a London street.


Walking to work yesterday, I felt the sun on my face for the first time in weeks –

doesn’t everything feel – and look – SO VERY much better in the sun.


Familar streets, but I noticed the wonderful new spring flowers –

peeping through fences, over walls,

around gates and struggling with overgrown shrubs trying to strangle them,

bulging over pavements…

Fresh colours, sparkling in the weak morning sunshine.


The streets I walk along every day are busy,

noisy and usually bustling at that slightly frenzied time of the morning.

But there is so much beauty too.Image

I had my phone with me, and thought –

let’s take a moment, & just a few photos of flowers in the next dozen of front gardens to celebrete the Spring.


What a wonderful variety of colours, textures and scents…

and this was just a few homes in a short stretch of a local street.

My phone’s camera doesn’t do them justice,

but they are all beautiful in themselves, and in the context of the London street – a tiny treat.


The warmth, pleasure & uplifting feeling of inner tranquility struck me:

nature has the power to revive the spirits despite rush, fatigue & the day ahead!


It reminded me of a talk I went to last year by Anthony Robbins – www.tonyrobbins.com/

some of  which was really moving and memorable –

one of his messages was – what you focus on gets bigger – 

I believe that is very true, and have tried to focus on positive things as a result…


How easy, yesterday morning, to focus on the beauty to be found on the streets in London,

and the everyday beauty around us all the time, if only we can see or hear it.

Sadly, the very special person, who I went to the Anthony Robbins talk with

did not perhaps hear that phrase in the same way – walking through London was a tortous business –

focusing painfully on the loud sounds, the bustle and the hastle… stress, upset, unbearable assault on the senses…

Yet on the same street, yesterday, I found beauty,

the buzzing of bees as they found the early honeysuckle,

the purring of a cat stretching in the sun, and birds singing to welcome in the day –

maybe police sirens, yelling mums trying to get children out of the door, and impatient dads revving the car too –

but in the background, not something to focus on today –

the everyday beauty of  nature  is such a precious treat,

and worth focusing on amid the rush.


One thought on “Everyday beauty on a London street.

  1. Such a joyful post, I love it. I do this, too, sometimes when the flowers catch my attention. I can’t help but take some photographs, but never feel I truly captured how beautiful they are. You’re very lucky to see such beautiful flowers every day! 🙂

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