Easy Peasy Supper: Beef Carbonnade.

Carbonnade of beef.

Fiesta Friday *4.   Hip, Hip Horray – at last, it’s FRIDAY! Beef Carbonnade.  Comforting, homely.  A no fuss, healthy treat. Dress up with Dauphinoise potatoes or herby roasties for a dinner party. Make a big batch and portion into … Continue reading

Easy Peasy Supper: Parsi Chicken with Apricots.

Parsi Chicken with Apricots.

Fiesta Friday *3 Time to entertain, but not to slave over an extensive shopping list and hot stove? Easy Peasy Suppers fit the bill when interesting but non demanding recipes are called for, using ingredients that you don’t need to … Continue reading

Dainty Dancers!

2014-05-03 11.23.49

How Does Your Garden Grow *3. I love Aquilegia, or Columbine flowers. Their common name is ‘Granny’s Bonnet’. But my granny wouldn’t have been seen dead (and certainly not alive!) in a bonnet like this. They always make me think … Continue reading

A Riot… of Tulips!

4.14 Tulips pink strong ripple

‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’ 2: Visiting the Royal Horticultural Gardens at Wisley every Easter and Summer holiday has become a mother and daughter tradition for me… A shot in the arm for us both.  A perfect excuse to snatch … Continue reading

Easy Peasy Supper Chicken & Cardamom Curry.

Quick Chicken, Cardamom and Tomato Curry.

‘Easy Peasy Supper’ posts are just what it says on the tin – simple recipes that can be easily made after a long day from mainly store cupboard ingredients (depending on the content of your ‘store cupboard’!) Chicken, Cardamon and … Continue reading

Rampant Ladybirds in the Rhubarb!

Ladybirds Loving a rainy Easter Day

How Does Your Garden Grow? 1. Easter Holiday this week – so I’ve been planting French bean, pea and marigold seeds, potting on the courgettes, cosmos, chard, sweet peas & pansies, and generally having quality time in my favourite place. … Continue reading